Our team was challenged to increase sales of holiday scratch-offs and engage light or lapsed Illinois Lottery players.

Our solution was to encourage people to “Joy Someone” by giving holiday scratch-off tickets as a gift for the people who don’t generally warrant an expensive gift (e.g., mailman, dog walker, etc.). TV, shopper, radio, OOH, bus wraps, taxi toppers and more worked together to support the effort.

Additionally, was developed as an extension of the “Joy Someone” campaign in order to provide deeper engagement with our players.

Joy•a•nator Microsite

The Joy•a•nator microsite allowed players to insert their own photos, and those of the “everybodies” in their lives, into hilariously awkward holiday card photos. Players were then encouraged to share their unique creations via Facebook, Twitter or email. This shareability helped bolster the Lottery’s social media efforts and reinforce the campaign’s objectives.

This site, which was for Illinois only, had 81,649 visitors (69,908 of them being unique visitors) over the course of 8 weeks and 7,702 shared their card via download, email, facebook and twitter. Over 29 Million online impressions were delivered during the campaign and interaction rates were as high as 23.91% on some sites, which is over three times the retail vertical interaction benchmark of 6.83%.

Additional buzz about the site was generated through a competition of awkward family photos on the Huffington Post, where one of the cards was a contender in the running. In addition, received a Dope Award and was featured in Media Post.

Digital Microsite Overview

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