This is just for fun.

A few years ago, I put a band together with some friends of mine. Two guys had never played instruments before and two of us had played professionally, but hadn’t performed regularly for years. So we weren’t very good. And we didn’t look like much.

Our challenge was to spark interest and draw a crowd, an especially difficult task given that we weren’t in our 20s anymore and our friends and families weren’t a late-night bunch.

Our solution was to create a series of intriguing posters that would pique the imaginations of live music lovers and quickly establish us as different from other bands.

The result was surprising. We were headlining clubs quickly and even played the coveted Best Buy stage at Taste of Chicago within the first six months playing together.

Sadly, the band broke up after a couple years, as the frequent gigging became more of a chore than just good fun. But the posters remain. These are just a sample.